We here at Rocknus strive to make sure our customers are completely satisfied with our products and services. We pride ourselves on maintaining a 5-star shop.

Most items you purchase from Rocknus can be returned without reason within 15 business days for a full refund provided the item is in perfect, unused condition, with original tags still affixed and/or unopened/undamaged packaging. Receipt or CC transaction date required. Credit card purchases will be refunded to the card. Items that are found to have manufacturers defects can be returned within 15 days for a full refund no matter the condition of the packaging. The following items cannot be returned: Food/drink items, bait, knives/blades (use manufacturer), weapons/ammo of any kind (use manufacturer), or items that appear to have been used and/or damaged by purchaser.

Event tickets, such as firearms safety classes or survival courses are non-refundable. Think of these seats as concert seats. If you miss the concert for any reason, you just miss it. If you want to go to the next concert, you must purchase another seat. You cannot expect the entertainers to create a special engagement for you or refuse to sell a seat to a paying customer in the next show in order to hold it for someone who missed the last one. That's bad business. Like concerts though, our tickets can be transferred to another qualified person so that they may attend in your place on the night of the event so the ticket is not wasted.

Again, we do try to work with customers and hate the idea of you not getting a service you paid for and so the way we work it is this... If you miss a class or event and it is a repeating event, you may contact us on the date of the next session of that class/event that suits your schedule and if a seat is open, you may take it. Call or email early on that day.