Rocknus - Urban Camouflage 

Bait & Tackle in Haverhill, MAPurveyors Of The Finest In EDC, Covert Tactical And Survival Gear.

Offering outdoor goods, camping supplies, bait & tackle, hunting gear, emergency supplies, services, classes, courses and pretty much anything you need for the next zombie apocalypse! (We were kidding about the zombies but then 2020 happened and now we're not sure!) Anyway... If you don't see it, just ask! We can get it all!

Visit the Rocknus brick & mortar Survival Superstore in Haverhill, Massachusetts. We offer the best brand-spankin' new clothing and equipment available online and in our store!

Order online and pick up in our store. Grab some live or frozen bait for your next big fishing trip! Put together a great bug-out bag. Take a firearms safety course and get certified for your license to carry in Massachusetts. Use our FFL services! There's a lot happening at the store!

Founded in 2007, Rocknus started out filming, producing, publishing and promoting professional high impact sports, primarily Mixed Martial Arts. Rocknus promoted the gear used by the participants of those sports. Check out some of these vintage trailers for Rocknus productions here. (WARNING: BLOODY FIGHT FOOTAGE! Watch at your own risk!)
Of course as time went on, Rocknus became less laser-focused on MMA alone and morphed into the all-around Survival Superstore it is today. 

Rocknus is veteran owned by J. Tyler, a USMC Veteran who trained and served with 1st Force Recon Co. during both Desert Shield and Desert Storm in the Persian Gulf. Tyler brings real world military tips and tricks to Haverhill, Massachusetts.

DUNS # 117911454
Call Sign: KC1MUW
FFL: 6 - 04 - ### - ## - ## - 13772
President of AmVets Post 147